Background reading

The mandate of of the Data Access Product line & 2018 roadmap

What is the Data Use Ontology? (read the Readme on the Github page, scroll down)

The Library Card concept (the Library Card paper)

Registered Access data access policy model (the Registered Access paper)

DURI definitions

Reference papers

This set of papers describe the foundational standard work and the motivation for the standards DURI is creating.

Consent codes - Dyke et al.

ADA-M - Woolley & Brooks et al.

Library Card- Cabili & Pandya et al.

Registered access model- Dyke et al.

Federated identity management for research collaborations

ELIXIR Authentication and Authorisation

Product design documents

GA4GH research identity claims (RFC)

DUO github repo

Meeting minutes (directory)

Presentations at Basel 2018 plenary meeting

Researcher Identity product 2018

Data Use Ontology 2018